We’re all familiar with the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” right? Well how about instead we make some nice, healthy lemon water? Doesn’t sound as appealing? Maybe not. However, lemon water is packed with many vitamins and minerals that will for sure leave you looking and feeling amazing. Lets break it down.

Lemon water is essentially just plain ‘ol water with a big squeeze of lemon inside. Some people prefer to include the slices or add a bit of honey to sweeten. Which ever way you choose to tweak yours, you’ll be racking in a lot of nutrients.

For starters, lemon water is very good for digestion.

The acidic nature of lemons allows your body to be able to process the foods you eat more efficiently and slowly. Slowing down and improving this process allows your body to absorb more of the nutrients from the foods you eat. This is really great for those who already suffer from digestive issues because if left unresolved, eventually it can lead to the body becoming deficient in certain nutrients.

Lemon water also helps your body to flush out toxins from your liver all while keeping your urinary tract in tip-top shape. Preventing the buildup of toxins within the liver can protect you from a whole host of nasty illnesses since the liver is primarily responsible for filtering out toxins from your body.

Lemon water is also packed with vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a very important nutrient that we need to make sure we are getting enough of. That is because it helps to promote the production of white blood cells in the body which is critical for having a strong and resilient immune system. Having a healthy amount of white blood cells and a strong immune system allows your body to fight off infections quickly and can prevent you from catching colds and the flu so easily.


Gives you an energy boost and enhances your mood.

We all know deep down inside those so called energy drinks and elixirs aren’t really all that great for us. They may make us feel energized for some time, but at what cost? If you check their ingredients lists you’ll be surprised to find a myriad of scientific names you’ve never heard of or probably cant pronounce. (Don’t worry I cant either).

Drinking lemon water gives you a natural energy boost without all the extra stuff, leaving you feeling truly better afterward. Its a more clean feeling of energy and clarity without the brain fog or nasty after effects of too much sugar.

Gives you clear skin and a healthy glow.

Finally, besides the endless health benefits, lemon water will actually give you brighter, clearer skin and an overall more healthy appearance. There are a lot of antioxidants in vitamin C that help to fight of damage from free radicals and repair your skin. The body will also continue to produce the right amount of collagen when you consume the vitamin C. This helps give a smooth and even appearance to your skin as well as keeping it firm while reducing wrinkles. Sounds like a win win situation to me.

Go ahead and try some lemon water today and start experiencing the benefits with me. Let me know down below if you’ve tried lemon water, if you like it and how it makes you feel.