Reading is something I’ve done for practically my whole life. Ever since I could read. Its always been something so magical and special to me. I’m not sure what it is about reading. Something about how the pages come to life and the only limitation is your imagination. Today I’d like to talk about 5 reasons why I read.

1. Use Your Imagination

When I was a child we didn’t have much technology in our home. Even though this was the early 90’s and technology was around, just we didn’t seem to have more than our family TV and an old (I mean really old) computer that was never used.

(Like this)

So needless to say, I used my imagination a lot. I would play with my dolls and spend tons of time outdoors. The good old days. And I would also read. When I read it was almost like playing pretend with the dolls I had. Of course when you’re reading a book you can’t make it up as you go since you’re following along with the story. But you can imagine and clearly see how these characters look inside your mind. Basically like a movie in your head. 

2. Its Relaxing 

Reading is such a refreshing thing to do especially if you’ve been using technology a lot lately and staring into bright screens. I’ll have a post on the importance of taking breaks from technology coming soon. We usually don’t realize how much time we’ve spent on technology or social media until we’ve either gotten a headache or we’re just sick of it. 

When you’re reading a book, there’s no harsh LED lights shining into your eyes or notifications popping up to interrupt you. There’s also no links to click on or websites to visit that are distracting. Its a book. You get lost in what your reading, sometimes for hours and that’s okay. You don’t have to feel guilty at all if you’ve spent all day reading vs all day on Twitter. 

3. Go Exploring

Books allow you to travel all around the world and across the galaxy without even having to leave your bed. I know its much more fun to travel and experience life in person, but if you aren’t able to afford traveling or you just have a very busy schedule, traveling around may not be an option. Books take place in almost every city and country even hopping into different time periods. You can literally time travel in a book. Just like this book, which I love.

4. Changes Your Outlook on Life

Some books make you stop and reflect on life. They can change your whole outlook on a specific topic, group of people, or a concept. They make you think and can leave an impression on you that lasts forever. Sometimes they can even change you as a person. 


5. The Experience

This kind of goes along with changing your outlook on life, but when you read a book you get to experience what someone else was going through. This is especially true if its a non fiction. Take the diary of Anne Frank for example. Reading that book allows you to experience life from her eyes and have a better understanding of what it was like for those that were involved in that situation.

Books can put us right there to experience the emotions and get to know each character on a more personal level. We can get a deeper understanding of things like this even though we may not have been alive to witness it first hand. 

These are only five of the many reasons why I read. There are so many more I couldn’t possibly write about them all. Maybe I’ll make an updated post in the future with even more reasons why I read. I hope you enjoyed!


Thanks for checking out “5 reasons why I read”. Please comment down below and let me know of your top reasons why you love to read!